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IRG: The Independent Network for Radio Stations and Musicians

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Welcome to the Indie Radio Group website. This is just a temporary site as we get things going.

The Indie Radio Group has been organized due to recent changes in the online radio world and the obvious need for a common resource and group dedicated to the independent radio networks and independent musicians. This is an organization created to provide benefits to members while promoting the membership to the general public and appropriate groups.

Radio Network 

Our goals include providing:

• Legal* resources – making sure you know how how fill out and administer your PROs and other documentation and pay the right fees

• Technical resources – reviewing and providing technical know-how for software, hardware and best practices in using the technology out there today.

• Exchange of resources – allowing members to interact with each other to provide services

• Programming – from access to indie music to short programs that last a few minutes to longer half hour and hour programs, our goal is to help radio network members with easier access to content and programs (including programs exclusive to members)

• Support – membership means you can call in and if we can help, we will!

• Marketing advice.

Musicians Network

• Legal* resources – advice on how to fill out the information so you can get paid for your music. But there is more than that! We have found that many musicians, besides not getting paid, don’t even show up with appropriate album artwork or other information. We can help guide you to get things done correctly.

• Access to the radio stations. Some of our stations play independent music. By becoming a member, you can upload music that our radio stations can review and download to their play lists. (This is a password protected area and stations must be cleared first. This is not open to the public and any station with access must show documentation that they pay artists for plays on their stations.)

• Ability to promote yourself to radio stations and online.

• Marketing advice.

*PLEASE NOTE – we are not attorneys and our legal resources are meant to be general info based on our knowledge working with PROs and government agencies, but should not be construed as specific legal advice. Any columns written by attorneys will be duly noted, although they also are not provided specific legal advice.